About Me

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Directing seemed challenging, But now the goal is to make a name in Bollywood ~ Kabir Kumar

Filmmaking and directing have always been my favorite passion. Maybe that's why the place of a job after completing studies made my business directing and fashion photography when we see an attractive work, we only admire that work, but the attention is less on the artist behind it.

The same similarity happens in the film director as well, if the film is successful then the audience gives credit to the lead artist of the film, but the real hard work is done by the film director to make it successful.

Kabir Kumar says that I have directed many short films, commercials, video albums. But my aim is to make the name of my city bright one day by directing a big film in Bollywood and directing the famous actors of the cine world.

I have also been honored with many awards because of my work in a local city. I have been hardworking since the beginning, and I am sure that I will definitely become a big film director with my hard work and dedication one day.

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