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Hike messaging app shuts down

Hike messaging app shuts down: Here's a look at its journey

Hike Sticker chat, which was launched back in December 2012 has been shut down and removed from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


  • The popular Indian messaging app Hike Sticker Chat has been shut down.
  • The brand is planning to replace Hike Messenger with Vibe and Rush.
  • The app has since been taken down from the Play Store and the App Store

In the current interconnected world, instant messaging apps have become a necessity. There are a bunch of instant messaging apps available for various platforms for users to stay connected with their family and friends. WhatsApp which is the most popular messaging app has been coming under the scanner by users for its controversial privacy policy update.

In the year 2012 when Hike was launched, its popularity surged and reached new heights. But after some time, it starts falling because foreign messaging apps like WhatsApp have influenced people globally. Hike Sticker chats as it was also called the largest Indian freeware, cross-platform instant messaging application.

By August 2016, Hike had close to 100 million registered users and also supported 10 regional Indian languages. The announcement about Hike wrapping up its operations was made recently by the CEO of the Hike Messenger app, Kevin Bharti Mittal on Twitter on January 6. He wrote, “Today we’re announcing that we will be sunsetting Sticker Chat in Jan’21. We thank you all for giving us your trust. We wouldn’t be here without you.”

While there is a lookout for effective alternatives to WhatsApp, there is no clarity regarding why the company is shutting down its service. The users of Hike Messenger can get their conversations and data downloaded from within the app itself.

However, the reason for instant shutting down is not disclosed by the Indian instant messaging app Hike. As the brand is all set to replace Hike Messenger with Vibe and Rush. Both these applications will be available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. So all Hike Mojis will accompany you via Vibe and Rush. So you won’t have to worry about it.

Hike has received large investments over the years, netting US$$261 million, with US$175 million coming from Foxconn and Tencent in 2016; that round of funding valued the company at US$1.4 billion. But uptake flagged, as WhatsApp continued to dominate the Indian market. In December 2019, Hike had 2 million monthly active users. For comparison, Signal, which is run on a not-for-profit basis, added over 30 million installations just this month.