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BGMI 1.5 update: Release date, time, new weapons, vehicles, Ignition mode, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India latest update to release on July 13 at 7:30 PM, the patch note reveals MG3 LMG weapon, new train system, Ignition mode, and more.

BGMI 1.5 update: Battlegrounds Mobile India’s new update will be released today. The BGMI 1.5 update will pack a host of new features and improvements. Krafton has released a new BGMI video that shows the changes that BR gamers will witness with the fresh update.

BGMI 1.5 update: Release time, how to download

BGMI 1.5 update will go live today at 7:30 PM IST. To upgrade to the latest version, players will have to head to Google Play Store, search for Battlegrounds Mobile India, once the app opens, tap the Update button and then launch the game on your device once the process completes.

“We’d like to inform you of the schedule for the distribution of July’s update version on July 13th. Update version distribution starts from July 13th (Tue) at 19:30 (IST). This is an estimated time; distribution may end early or be delayed depending on circumstances,” Krafton mentioned on the BGMI website. 

BGMI 1.5 update: Gameplay changes, new weapons, vehicles, train system, and more

As mentioned earlier, the new BGMI 1.5 update will bring a host of features and improvements to the game. As seen on the BGMI July update patch notes preview, players will be able to grab hold of new weapons, try the new G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle. Here are all the details.

New guns, vehicles

The new update will bring tons of weapons that include- MG3 LMG (Light Machine Gun) that will have one scope attachment, two rate-of-fire modes, 7.62mm ammo, and the option to choose between 660rpm (rounds per minute) and 990rpm. A new ASM Abakan with 5.56mm ammo. M249 LMG will be available for free on the battleground. A new G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle that can carry two riders will also be added. Healing items will be throwable and players will be able to share them with their squad. Interestingly, the update will bring Tesla theme features in the game as well.

Limited time ignition mode, new train system

The update will add a new gameplay mode called the Ignition mode. The limited mode will be witnessed in the Erangel map with six new high-tech locations that will replace popular regions of the huge map. Players will see small cities like Pochinki and Rozhok as 3D names while dropping off from the aircraft.

Royal Pass Cycle, new tiers

Royal Pass cycle will change each month following the Season 20 update which is scheduled for July 14. Krafton mentioned that the new season will be different from the previous one and three seasons will be combined as a cycle. There will be additional rewards as well that players can win by consecutively achieving a specific tier within a cycle. That aside, the BGMI 1.5 update will bring two new tiers- Ace Master and Ace Dominator. There will be changes in the logos, and a new challenging point will be included to cut down rank points for those who try reckless gameplay.

System settings

Besides adding new weapons, vehicles, gameplay mode, and tweaking the RP cycle, Krafton will also make changes to the system settings with the new update. The developer will add a new 90FPS framerate setting to Battlegrounds Mobile India that will support compatible devices. There will be a low graphic setting too designed primarily for lower-end devices.

Alongside these, some other minor changes include- glass windows in buildings in Erangel and Miramar map. There will be throwing healing consumables that players can use by tapping on the throw button. Lastly, the update will bring season series rewards for players who achieve Diamond, Crown, and Ace tiers.