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Windows 11 update: When and How to get Android apps on next-gen Windows OS

Windows 11 OS will be released to the general public in the holiday season, here's when and how you can download Android apps on Windows 11.

In what could be interesting, Microsoft is bringing Android apps to its new app store. Details about the apps were announced at its Windows 11 event on Thursday. The Redmond-based company didn’t reveal the exact date as to when apps will be made available to the new Microsoft app Store but said the Windows 11 will arrive in the holiday season.

At the moment Android apps can be used on Windows 10 only via the Phone app that was launched last year. As cited by CNET, a fast-paced workaround to use Android apps on PC will be integrated into the new Windows 11 OS following its launch. Here are the details on the Android apps that will be available on Windows 11 and where and how to download them. 

Windows 11: Android apps that will be available on next-gen Windows OS, where and how to download them

As mentioned, the official Windows 11 release date for the ‘general’ public isn’t out yet, except Microsoft only mentioning ‘holiday season.’ Following the next-gen Windows OS launch, the Android apps are expected to arrive in the app Store via Amazon’s Appstore.

Android apps that will be coming to Windows 11

As per the CNET report, Microsoft will bring near about 5,00,000 Android apps on Amazon Appstore to its new app Store that includes- Netflix, Disney Plus, TikTok, Uber, etc.

How to download Android apps when it arrives on Windows 11

To get an Android app in Windows 11 app Store you will have to first download the Amazon Appstore app on your device and then log in to your Amazon account so that you can access the apps. As for the payment, Microsoft has already mentioned that Windows 11 will be available for eligible Windows 10 PCs and new PCs as a free upgrade, hence, users will be able to access the apps for free, although some apps might have in-app purchases. Notably, Windows 11 ‘won’t be dependant’ on an Android device being synced with a PC, rather the apps will run natively on them using Intel’s Bridge technology.