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Why do we have superstitions?


Superstitions are becoming more like a joke with this generation. Lot of people see this as a serious topic when someone does anything against superstition. The teens and adults now are no longer interested in that stuff. Our parents and elders ask us to do that and don’t do that and at the time it doesn't make any sense. When we ask for one satisfying reason they just have one standard answer “do what I say and don’t ask questions”. I wonder if asking questions will be considered a bit of bad luck in the future too. Some Superstitions though it has a little bit of science in them but not all have science. It is becoming more like a cultural habit than one’s own conscious believes. If you ask how habits turn into superstations. So we lock our door in that process, we do it twice the same action to check if the door was locked finely. Then locking the door twice becomes a habit that eventually grows in the later years as not doing the action twice is bad luck. And that's how so many superstitions come up without any complete reason.

Spilling the salt

When we spill the salt it is seen as a bad omen. Normally Salt is considered a powerful source to keep the demons away. But if we look back salt was costly to be bought and spilling the salt is waste full of your money. Though the cost of the salt is very less and if someone spills salt it's told as bad luck. Even now people use salt on one person to take off their evil eye. The satisfying answer would be spilling anything waste full of our money and it's not good to spill something we add to our food. 

Black cat

It is a stroke of bad luck when a cat crosses your way. I am curious does the cat thinks humans are bad luck when they cross them. Cats, especially black cats are considered even eviler than any other cats. Earlier people who were associated with witchcraft had black cats and thought that black cats are assisted with their evil deeds. The witches with their cats were killed together. We even see in Cartoons and fables that witches turning into cats.

Glass breaking

Breaking glass in a home brings multiple issues in the family and relationships, they say.  So when a mirror break is an extremely bad luck on one’s soul. Romans believed that the reflection of the person in the mirror was is the person’s soul as the mirror breaks its expected that there will be damage to the soul. Later years any glass objects breaking is viewed as bad luck. This specific superstition emotionally affects one’s emotions to a great extend.

The youngsters are forced to follow these superstitions which are not healthy to our mind. Still, some follow and some don’t, and it is okay to carry on those if they want to but forcing someone to think negatively especially when a glass breaks telling them something bad is coming for them and that deeply affects them and they start to begin believing in superstition instead seeing that in a logical way.  Some determine that they don’t go after superstations but even without our knowledge you do go after that. Particularly winning a match thinking it was because you wore your favorite dress. Maybe some part of it can be true because as we wear our favorite clothes or do something that we love before going to the match makes us confident and comfortable and we stay positive through the match without any worries. Some superstitions are mostly built up just like that.

By: Varshini.I.R (FullFry)