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Reading is a good habit

A habit is something that a person has developed gradually and enjoys doing it on a daily basis or in alternate days (rarely). You do it consciously or subconsciously. It is hard for you to not do your habit one day, you will start feeling that something is missing in your day.

I don't think so that people without habit exist. For some people their habit is having a cup of tea/coffee every morning, their day starts with a cup of tea/coffee. Without that, they feel like they don't have enough energy to run the whole day. People who are punctual have gradually made this habit of being on time or sometimes they prefer being early but not late.

People have bad and good habits in their respective lives.

I have seen people don't end their days without doing their habits like writing their daily endeavors, reading novels, and so many other habits.

Reading is one of the good habits that a person can have. This can help in so many ways like for children this can help in increasing fluency in the language like learning new vocabulary, pronunciation, keeping their interest in the subject, like for teenagers or adults this will help in updating them about their surrounding, learning new languages which helps them in so many ways like talking to people who are not from their culture/ community through them they will learn to communicate, understand other's emotions, there are so many other positive motive also. These are some important things that help in the growth of an individual, one can read so many genres like literature, fictional, non - fictional, comic, etc it's like exploring the whole other world.

When you start reading books, sometimes you literally feel that you are apart of that story which helps in keeping your content and gives you an experience like how different person reacts to different situations, what are the things that you should do to be a kind person, reading gives an exposure of so many different things while sitting in a chair only (the world through other's eyes).
You cannot experience everything from the reading but to some extent yes you will learn, grow and evolve.

I know in this digital world people are so busy with their lives. But you can take some time for yourself and invest that in reading and learning. One can easily inculcate this habit, by starting reading for 10 minutes for 
3-4 days then slowly increase your time. By the end of your first month, you will experience a change in yourself. A positive change in you.
Start doing it from now and share your experience with your friends and family and tell them also to give this habit a place in their lives.

By: Shivani Awasthi (FullFry)