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Today's Treading: World

The rock legend Bruce Springsteen and former president of the USA Barack Obama has paved a new and unique type of podcast with the mix of politics and music.

" WHO'S THE BOSS?" a differently made podcast that will be hosted by the two legends. Fans can't wait for the release!! The podcast will be released on the audio platform - Spotify.

The  announcement video of two legends hosting a new style podcast with a mix of music and politics has reached millions of views and likes.

Despite being raised by totally different backgrounds they believe that they share a fundamental belief in the American idea.

The two legends have a great experience in talking and discussing things that happen around them but the duo of both would rock the stage. The video made a great impact on people leaving them to be inspired and awaited for the first two episodes which would be readily available by the first release.

By: Renuka Devi (FullFry)