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Salman Khan Slams The Housemates And Asks Rakhi To Leave The House If She Can’t Control Herself From Crossing The Limits

The latest promo of Bigg Boss 14 is out and Salman Khan is seen in his fiercest mood. He is yelling at the top of his voice and lashing out at everyone in the house. He starts with their remarks like “Lokhandwala or dhindoshi see hai” and says ” to tum log kya chand see aye ho” ( so are you guys from the moon ? arent you all from the same city/country? )

The host calls Rakhi Sawant in the theatre and slams her for crossing her limits and calling Abhinav a pervert. He says that you can leave the show if you cannot control yourself from crossing the limit. Rakhi tries to defend herself but Salman shuts her up.

Salman also questions the housemates about their constant acquisition of each other about doing and saying things for the sake of content. He asks ” Am I doing what I am doing for content “. The housemates apologize but he shuts them up too and says ” Baad mein Jaye content ”

It seemed like Salman was in no mood to entertain explanations.