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Why still friends is the best TV show

Friends, this show ran for ten years from 1994 to 2004 with ten seasons. A bunch of brilliant TV shows coming up every year with great competition and struggle to get to the first. Friends did not even have to struggle or manage to compete. This show is in the top list even after sixteen years and the show is turning 27 years and it will still be even for a century for sure. Every child growing up choose to watch this show instead of their contemporary shows.

Why Friends is close to our heart or will another show can ever beat Friends?

Any shows we pick to watch, that doesn’t give you the same enthuse in all seasons or some shows can be boring at the very first episode and it can be interesting eventually. Friends keep the same vibe throughout the show for ten years and you will find not a single episode that is tiresome out of 236 episodes. The only sad thing about the show is the cast in the show grows older but they never-failing with their dazzling performances. It is like they are not acting at all and it is more like seeing a real-life scenario and not a TV show.

The characters are the story

The main reason for the hit of the show is the characters. Each of them represents a real-life battle we do. They keep the show moving. Monica is and her organized way of life sometimes inspire and annoy us at the same time. Chandler and his sarcastic jokes hit us every time. Joey being naive and his stupidity is so laughable. Rachel’s fashion style inspires us a lot. Ross and its nerdy behaviour are mostly boring but this show shows the boring pieces of stuff humorously. Phoebe is the weirdest character and it takes time to understand her and end up falling for all her dialogues.

Anything can change.

We all want friends in our life. They say it's hard to find a friend when you are 25 or above and have a feeling it is for life long. But Friends made us believe it's okay if you do not have a childhood friend and any person you walk into can be the one. Chandler quitting his job at his 30 and starting over as an intern in an advertising agency, this shows we can do anything we want at any age. Mainly, all the characters in the show have multiple relationships and they always end up breaking up and we see they all getting married in their 30’s with their loved ones.

Life lesson

We all love this show because its shows the battle we do in life as it is but in an easy way.  We learn so much from each character. Rachel who is rich spoilt and extravagant runs away from her wedding and seeking help from Monika who was not invited to the wedding. Monika and Rachel stay together and help Rachel to live on her own. Though being the daughter of a rich family Rachel works in a coffee shop and takes years for her to get a job in which she is passionate. Joey is interested in his acting career but barely getting good roles but he does not lose hope and we see Chandler helping Joey in every hard time. This sitcom shows us life can be hell but we only need the right person by our side and tell us it is okay to do any in our later years.

By: Varshini.I.R (FullFry)