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Ever felt the eagerness to be alone, be away from everything, ignore people, etc…

Being emotionally broken is fine until it becomes an addiction, being an introvert is different from being alone with emotions.  Each and every incident would hit you all at once like a rogue wave inside your mind. There are more than 50 to 80 reasons why a person undergoes depression but that’s not a permanent trap, you can deal with it by playing effective tricks with your mind and by understanding reality.

Ways to come over it,

           Take your time to find your space.

           Change your routine.

           Check out new places.

           Get addicted to some effective habits like workouts, drawings to overcome the thought.

           Focus on me-time.

           Eat, sleep and plan new work every day.

           Talk to new people.

           Understand your problem.

           Write down your thoughts.

Depression would lead you to the worst nightmare if you don’t cure it within a time limit, it’s okay to be depressed but not for a long time. Ask for help never hesitate to ask out for help. Communication is the key, just make yourself strong enough to face people. Just remember you are loved by someone every day, you are worth it.

By: Renuka Devi (FullFry)