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Are hobbies being misunderstood?


The things we love to do any time or we find the time to do those things. We will never let go of those and that becomes a portrayal of our life. Hobbies become part of every conversation we have.  Lately, hobbies are vanishing and we see it is becoming the task of our day. A hobby means multiple meanings to different people and we start forcing our meaning onto others who already have their ways of hobbies. In the busy world, no one wants to spare their time for any stupidity. Some find jobs that they are passionate about and get the job that most like their hobby either of those makes their work-life bliss. But, it does not work out in the same way for everyone and we don’t have to make a career out of hobbies and that's okay. If you are studying medicine or architecture and you like playing piano, guitar, chess, or dance and to cook and bake we will hear various comments. People will be like you are wasting your time and money those things you do won’t help you in your studies or your career. The medical student doesn’t always have to be in a white coat, will it not be cool if they are in Gucci style or more in colorful clothes or has a big obsession with fashion. It is okay if your hobby is to sleep in your leisure time or to cool and eat. It is your time and it is you that has to make a choice.

Reading books are the cliché one, most of us have it till now. Reading makes our brain work way better and helps it to stay active than watching any movies or shows and it is okay if you don't want to read. But the way of looking has changed. When people ask what is your hobby and if your answer is reading sometimes it is being appreciated or it is being looked down on when the answer for their next question comes as I read Fanfiction novels and contemporary romance. They mock us when the Classics and epics of Austin, Milton, and Shakespeare are not on their expectations. They expect our hobbies to be perfect like professionals. Reading itself is a perfect hobby and you decide what your hobby is like to be. It’s your call, make it perfect if think that can help your career life or just keep it to wish. Don’t let others set your hobby in which you find no pleasure.

So watching movies and especially TV programs are underrated hobbies but in this era, this is what most of us do. The truth is there shouldn’t be any rating for hobbies. They always say like do something useful don’t waste time in movies and series. Who knows, we can be movie reviewers or story writers one day. Anything, you do helps in one way or the other even if your hobby was not intended to be purposeful. Watching movies of other languages makes us travel the world. We get to learn the language a bit and experience the culture in different countries. So having a hobby that is pleasing you is more important than always planning to invest in something that is quite an ache to you.

By: Varshini.I.R (FullFry)