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PUBG Mobile amid top earning games of 2020 despite India ban, earns $1.06Bn overseas

PUBG Mobile has come out as one of the top-earning Chinese mobile games in 2020 and raked in big money from countries like Japan and the US.

The report also adds that the top 30 profitable Chinese mobile games raked in $9.24 billion (Rs 67,271 Cr approx) from the App Store and Google Play last year, up by 47 percent year on year from $6.3 billion (Rs 45,357 Cr approx) in 2019, the firm said.

Top downloaders

Japan was the top downloader of these mobile games while the United States was at number two position in 2020. Japanese gamers prefer Chinese games more in terms of culture and aesthetics, the firm said.

In 2019, the top 30 Chinese mobile games raked in almost $2.8 billion from just the Japanese market which was a year-on-year surge as per Xinhua news agency.

PUBG Mobile, still popular

PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile multiplayer game that’s also available on the PC and gaming consoles. It continued to be on the top of the list of top-earning Chinese mobile games overseas garnering a profit of $1.06 billion in 2020.

Since the game’s debut back in 2018, the game has been amongst the top top-downloaded games on the Google and Apple app stores and raked in a total of $2.1 billion from the overseas market. These earning also include the revenue it made from India where it was a sensation before its ban.

Genshin Impact, an open-world mobile game published by the miHoYo, saw its overseas revenue reach $160 million in October last year, setting a new record for the Chinese game’s monthly earning in the global mobile game market.

Previously, the record was held by PUBG Mobile, which pulled in a revenue of $90 million in July 2019.