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Bigg Boss 7th February 2021 Episode Update: Arshi Gets Eliminated

Bigg Boss 7th February 2021

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says my mood is off after yesterday’s episode. He says people ask me how I bear all of them, I don’t like to take their class, it’s not my job. My job is that they are well-behaved in the house. I work with these people also but it went over-board this time. My mother and others ask me how I manage these ill-mannered people, that we are destroying TV culture but I keep defending the inmates that this show is not easy. I try to make them understand where they are going wrong but I felt like they were taking me for granted. They all misbehave with each other in the house. Salman says Arshi doesn’t think her shero is not content but then why are others saying anything is content? Salman says I don’t want to go inside the house but I will have to as it’s my job. He takes a seat and sits down.

Salman connects the call to the house. Arshi is in the washroom. Salman says let me wait. They all settle down. Salman asks Aly what I said was wrong or right? Aly says you were totally right. Rahul, Arshi, Nikki, Abhi, Rubina, Devo and Rakhi agree that he was totally right. Salman asks Rakhi if I said the right thing to you? Rakhi says yes, I have to control my language otherwise I can leave the show. Salman asks what she has decided? Rakhi says I will not use that language. Salman asks how much work she has? Rakhi says I have no work. Salman says you have done all that cringe-worthy entertainment, you can change your style now. Rakhi says I promise to never use that language ever. Salman asks Devo why she got angry? Devo says I was trying to calm myself but my angel has a kidney problem. Arshi talked about dying. Salman says Arshi never said that in that way, you took it wrongly. Devo says Arshi has been poking me, she says things that hurt, she doesn’t even feel shame. Salman says you are right, when Rubina threw water on Rakhi, Arshi said she deserved it. Arshi says I was joking and teasing them. Salman says why you have to poke her? Arshi says Devo talks about my personal life. She says that I have done filthy acts in my season. Salman says Devo has never said it, don’t lie. Salman asks Arshi to end it. He asks them to stop it now. They all go silent.
Salman asks Abhi that you are a scientist, what does tharki mean? Abhi says the one who is a wandering guy. Salman says is that a bad word? It means a flirty man. Shehnaaz used to call her father a tharki. Abhi says I don’t use those words so I don’t like it. Salman says are you a tharki? Salman says every man has a wandering eye, do you agree with me? Abhi says yes I agree with you. Salman says if you see a beautiful girl, will you admire her? Abhi says yes I will. Salman says Rakhi was wrong to call you that and I took her class. Salman asks if you call a woman cheap, filthy, dirty and many more like this then what is bad? Those words or being called tharki? Which is worst? What your wife has said or Rakhi? Abhi says those words are bad. Salman says Arshi has called you a tharki so many times. Arshi says I did ask him once if he is a tharki? Salman asks Rubina if she thinks she is going correct in this show? Rubina says I have lost the understanding of things, I need help. Salman says you want to win every battle, every discussion. What is this problem? You don’t even want to hear others? Why can’t you listen to others? Why do you have to react at the same spot? You can weigh the pros and cons of things before speaking. Salman says you people have 14 days left but when I see the episodes, I see everyone misbehaving. There is no empathy, I hope people learn from you guys to not behave like this. I hope they don’t learn anything from you, especially the young generation. Salman says if you fight like this outside of the house then what will happen to you? You are safe because of the show. We know when you are talking about the cameraman that you are pointing fingers at the creative team. Do you think they want to put you down? Do they want to destroy their show? What is your thinking? The creative team would want you all to become celebrities and work on good projects. Why would they work against their own interest? You people are just blaming us. Did we give you any script? We show you the way you people are. Do you think talking about someone’s bank balance is good? Rubina says Rakhi discussed it many times. Salman says maybe Rubina has more money than all the women of this country so what will you get? Salman says people would help each other in earlier seasons on weekends, they would share makeup, clothes and everything. If you are not talking to them then you will ask for your makeup? He asks Nikki when she will remain young? Salman asks Rubina that we didn’t expect that from you. This Abhi was asking for his foundation back. Salman says Rubina took Kavita’s name two times. Kavita messaged me that her name shouldn’t be brought up. Rubina says when did I take her name? Salman says you took her name in the morning, you guys can’t let it go? When you were fighting with Rakhi, you called her strategy as Kavita’s strategy. Devo never brought up Kavita’s name.
Salman tells Abhi that in the share-market task, you were telling something to Rubina about Nikki and Arshi? Abhi says Rubina does mistakes under the influence of Arshi and Nikki. Salman asks Rubina who is giving you the information about things happening in the house? Rubina says Abhi and Nikki. Nikki says Abhi keeps asking for information. Salman says Abhi told Rubina that Nikki-Arshi tells things to Rubina in a twisted way so they can provoke you against others. Nikki says what? I am provoking Rubina against others? Abhi says I talked to Devo about Kavita but Nikki-Arshi can instigate you. Salman says Rubina reacted against Devo by listening to Nikki-Arshi but Abhi went to Devo and cleared it with her. Devo says I never brought up Kavita, I just gave a reference. Rubina says I didn’t react to Devo. Salman says you were blaming Devo for making content so she brought up that you cry in the corner with Kavita’s topic too. Rubina says I am confused. Abhi says Rubina told Devo that she does everything for content but Devo said that when Rubina brought up our marriage issues, was that for content too? It was just that. Salman asks then why did you ask Rubina to listen to Nikki-Arshi? Abhi says because their tone is aggravating. Salman says this is the way they talk. Rubina says I never react by listening to others, I take full responsibility for my actions. Abhi says I just told Rubina that don’t get aggravated by listening to others so how was I wrong? Salman says the point is that you show the path to Rubina but she doesn’t listen to you.
Salman asks Rahul if Arshi provokes others? Rahul says yes, she keeps patrol in her mouth to spitfire. Salman tells Rubina we don’t care who gives you the information but you blame us for everything. Rubina says I was angry. Salman says so you can kill a person in anger? You can throw water on Rakhi but she is giving content? Devo is giving content? Rubina says because she reacted after 3 hours. Salman says that’s her problem, you don’t have to judge. Salman tells Rubina that you are going wrong but if you don’t want to accept it then it’s your fault, he ends the call.

In the secret room, Jaan says I used to tell them to move on but they took me wrongly. Vindu says when you say the truth then everything will be fine. Jaan says I was forgiving but that was a problem in the house, they would call me to spit licking person. Paras says it doesn’t matter what they say. Jasmin says our season’s issue is that they keep judging even your breathing. If I cried when I was doing a drama, if I fought then I was misbehaving.

In the House:
Nikki tells Rubina that Abhi asked you to not trust me. Abhi says I never said that. Nikki says let me clarify it with her. Nikki tells Rubina that I never provoke you against anyone. I don’t know why Abhi doesn’t you to trust me. He knows how Arshi provoke others but he told you to not trust me? Abhi says I can explain one time to you. Abhi tells Nikki that Devo made some issues that day, I went to Devo and cleared things with her, she said that if she was doing all this for content so our divorce issue was brought up for content too. I saw you standing there and I realized that Devo was not making an issue, I just told Rubina that don’t get provoked if Nikki-Arshi’s tone is aggravating about that issue. Nikki says but Rubina is not dumb. Nikki says Jasmin was right that no one is a true person here, Abhi is such a big liar. Nikki tells Rahul that maybe Abhi doesn’t want me to be seen with Rubina.
Abhi tells Rubina that I just told her to use her brain and don’t get provoked by Arshi and Nikki. Rubina says Salman just told me that if I am reacting to things then I should check myself. I feel like I have lost empathy? That’s why I have asked for a psychiatrist. Abhi says don’t talk extra now.

Abhi tells Rubina why she is bringing up a psychiatrist? Are you mad? Rubina says why do I have to explain myself? Abhi says why can’t you listen to me? Don’t say this word again and again. Rubina says I was just confused why it was brought up again and again. Abhi says when I tell you to calm down, to not react suddenly then listen to me. Don’t use this word. Rubina says it’s shameful that I am losing my mind? Abhi says you just stop listening, that’s your issue. He leaves from there.

On the Stage:
Salman says some people are going in the house as the inmates’ connections. Let’s talk to them. Salman connects the call to the connections. He asks Vindu if this looks entertaining to you? Vindu says not at all, they are saying bad words. Salmans says talking about areas of Mumbai in a derogatory way. Salman asks Jyotika if she agrees with him? Jyotika says you were right but you should have listened to her point of view. Salman says Rubina accepted today that she needs help, she was wrong and I am happy that you are going in the house. Jyotika cries and says she has become emotionally weak, she is not like this. We cry when we see her on the weekend ka vaar. Salman asks when you see Rubina doing a mistake, you feel that she is not like that? Jyotika says she doesn’t get praised. Salman says but she has the biggest support in the house, her husband is with her. Jyotika says they were not fine when they entered the house, their relationship was strained. Jyotika says when you scold them then I feel like you are scolding me as well. Salman says you are here so maybe Rubina will listen to you? Jyotika says I will scold her so she will listen to me.
Salman asks Rahul M what he thinks about the episode? Rahul M says you said it in a totally right way. Rahul M says when you enter the house and stay there for 90 days then you start going crazy. Salman says that’s why I come here every weekend. Salman asks Jasmin what would have been her reaction? Jasmin says I would have accepted my mistake, she says this weekend was amazing, this was really required, everyone in the house has become selfish, they don’t care about other’s emotions, it was amazing that you took their class. Salman says Rubina throwing water on Rakhi was right? Jasmin says my perception is Abhi-Rubina are smart people so when Rakhi started this flirty game, they were playing along with her. Why did they not draw the line there? When Rakhi asked Abhi to make her wear the saree then why didn’t he say no? He didn’t stop her because they were getting immunity and support from Rakhi but when it stopped then it was line crossing? I feel like Rubina and Abhi do things conveniently. Salman says now I will ask your questions to the inmates and say it was from fans.

Salman connects the call to the inmates. Salman says some fans have sent some questions. Salman asks Abhi why did he take so much time to take the spotlight? Abhi says I didn’t see the episodes before coming here, I wanted to be a problem solver and adapt to things that’s why I used to speak less, I took time to adapt to things and started solving problems. Salman says you have done shows before. Abhi says that was a different show. Salman tells Rubina that a question was asked that Rubina is strong but she is opinionated and doesn’t want to listen to others that’s why she looks harsh, are you like this only? Rubina says 8 years ago I was like this, I was aggressive to the point that my relationship with my parents was not great, I had temper issues and suicidal tendencies. My relationship broke because I didn’t want to listen to others. I started yoga, therapy to change myself. I have changed myself but the core is still there, I thought I improved myself but it came back here. Salman says life is very beautiful, you need to love yourself, work on yourself. Rubina nods. Salman asks Rubina that if you didn’t hear Arshi cursing Devo then why did you react to Devo? Rubina says Devo brought up Arshi’s family but I never heard Arshi telling her family to die. Devo picked up things and made an issue. I also heard Rakhi-Devo talking, how Devo wanted to leave the show after making some big issue. It looked like Devo planned that reaction. I did reconfirm from Arshi. I also told Devo that she was concocting things. Devo says you don’t listen to the full story, Devo says Arshi prayed for my close member to die. Arshi says I never said that. Salman says Arshi’s words were that I can pray something close to you should die but I won’t pray that. Arshi says exactly I never prayed for that. Devo says but Rubina heard half of the things. Salman says after Arshi got irritated then she said that it doesn’t matter humans or things that should die. Arshi says because they kept bringing it up. Salman says a fan asked Abhi that when Rakhi asked for a hug, you gave her a hug but when Rakhi brought it, you cried crocodile tears that Rakhi was using that hug wrongly. Abhi says Rakhi clearly said that she knows her limits and will not cross the line. When I tried to tell her to not cross the line, she would shut me up. Salman asks what are the lines? I will tell you. A fan asked that when Rakhi was asking you make her wear a saree, you could have told her that will cross the line but you were following a track so you made her wear the saree because you were getting content. Abhi says I was doing those things in good faith as Rakhi wanted to run her track. (Jasmin says it’s Rakhi who did a favor on Abhi). Salman tells Abhi that we are not fools. Abhi says I am not sure how to even take the limelight. Salman says we are just asking you that you could have stopped her but you were getting immunity so it was all fine. Salman asks Rahul if this question was wrong? Rahul says if fans are asking this then they are right, they are watching every angle. Abhi says I have done haircuts for many girls here but what if Arshi says that I was trying to go close to her? Rakhi said that I hugged her and it gave her a shock. Salman asks Rubina if a haircut and wearing a saree is the same thing? Rubina says I don’t remember that. (Jasmin says they conveniently forgive things. Jyotika says Abhi was not comfortable in making her wear the saree). Rubina tells Salman that when I asked for Abhi’s help in making me wear a saree, he would say that my mom never needed help. Abhi says I help everyone. Salman tells Abhi that a fan asked a question it’s a correct question, you can’t say it’s a wrong question. (Jasmin says I hate liars and bullsh*t).

Salman tells the inmates that everyone is nominated excepted Rahul V. He ends the call.

In the House:
Abhi says Rakhi is not entertaining anymore. Abhi says I can count the number of times I cried in life and they are calling it crocodile tears? I cry when I am helpless. I won’t cry anymore.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the connections and tells them one will be eliminated today so one of you won’t be entering the house. Pray that the one you are supporting doesn’t get eliminated today. Jasmin says I asked people to vote for Aly. Salman says he got those votes only. Jasmin laughs. Salman asks Toshi to sing a line. Toshi sings a song. Salman asks Jasmin to come on the stage and dance with him.

Jasmin comes on the stage and dances on chunri. She calls Salman and he dances with her. Salman welcomes her. He wishes her luck and says don’t cry. Jasmin says no more tears. Salman sends her into the house.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says it’s time for the elimination and who do you think will go? Aly, Rahul. Abhi, Arshi, Rubina, Devo think that Devo might get eliminated. Nikki says I think I will go. Rakhi says I think the person with the least votes will go. Salman says wow she is a genius, all laugh. Salman says the one with the least votes is Arshi. All are stunned. Arshi says okay. Devo says she is a nice hearted girl but with a bad tongue. Salman says this week will be special because all of you are nominated this week. Rubina and Devo are already nominated. This week will be special which you will know about soon. He asks them to think about what I have said. Salman asks Rakhi to follow her promise. He tells Rubina that life is beautiful, enjoy it, appreciate it, be happy. He ends the call. Arshi says I had a feeling, Aly hugs her and gets emotional. Arshi says you won’t get a massage from anyone else right? He nods. Arshi asks Rahul to bring her shero. Rakhi hugs Arshi and says I love you. Rahul says you are a lively girl. Arshi says sorry to Devo. Arshi hugs Nikki. Rakhi hugs her and says I love you. Arshi hugs Rubina and Abhi. Arshi says I will do a sajda and then go. She comes to the garden and does a sajda there. She asks them to take care. Aly says I will be bored without you, I will miss you. He hugs her and cries. He thanks her for taking care of him. Abhi says poetry for Arshi. Arshi tells Rubina that she is a very nice girl. Rakhi asks her to say hi to Bunty. The door opens and Arshi leaves the house.

Rakhi tells Devo that I forgot about the saree incident, I asked Abhi to make me wear a saree and he didn’t stop me. Devo says Abhi’s intentions usually are not wrong for anybody. Rakhi says I agree but he is behind me to prove myself wrong. Devo says because he listens to his wife too. Rakhi says he was fine with everything when I was giving my votes to him but then I was wrong in everything. I wanted to end this matter with him, I even apologized to him. Devo says it’s because Rubina won’t allow him to talk to you, her problem is that she thinks she is always right.

Abhi tells Rubina that you never stop me from talking to the girls because you don’t want to look jealous but stop me when you think I am doing something wrong. Rubina says I did tell you that you shouldn’t have helped her in wearing a saree, these things can work against you. Abhi says that’s what I have learned. Rubina says if you regret things then accept your mistake. Abhi says it wasn’t my mistake, I was played.

Rakhi tells Devo that Abhi still doesn’t want to forgive me, Salman told them that life is beautiful. I thought Rubina will say sorry about throwing water so how can we be friends? I would have taken her hand so how can I become friends again? I will go and tell them that I am open to the friendship but they are living in their egoistic world. Devo says you can talk to them and clear things with them. Rakhi says I will talk to them but you have to be there.

Abhi tells Rubina that you fought with Devo on dishes and then with Rakhi and Nikki. It felt like Rakhi-Devo is wrong in everything, you commented on others, they are not good. Rubina says I had nothing against Devo at that point. Abhi says listen to me. Abhi tells Rubina that Jasmin’s biggest problem was that she stopped listening. Rubina says I am listening to you but why do you keep bringing up Jasmin? It really irritates me, why do you have to keep bringing Jasmin’s matter up? I want to answer back too. Abhi says look at your tone, you didn’t let me complete my sentence, you have the inability to listen to others. You react halfway. Rubina says why were you bringing up Jasmin in my conversation? What was the new thing you were telling me? Abhi says I thought that I could hammer a little bit of patience in you. Rubina says explain to me with a little more patience. Abhi says your tone is so disparaging. Rubina says yours too. Abhi says no, you gave an immediate reaction to me. Rubina says I have said to you many times that you keep comparing me with Jasmin. How would you feel if I said you act like Rahul? Abhi says I am done, I just wanted to bring caution in you, I know if I say 100 things then you will just listen to 2 things but I failed with that too. Rubina sadly looks away and cries silently.

Salman signs off from the episode.