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Rahul Mahajan, Ekta Kaul And Other Celebs Slam Salman Khan For Supporting Rakhi Sawant Instead Of Abhinav Shukla


The new trailer of Bigg Boss 14, where Salman is supporting Rakhi is not going down well with the celebs as well as the viewers. Salman is seen telling Abhinav that he is the only one who is benefiting from Rakhi’s acts and that he should ignore petty things.

Celebs including Rahul Mahajan took to social media to express their anger for the show, Salman and Rakhi.

Angry Rahul Mahajan who has been a part of the show wrote, “#RakhiSawant is cheap and people who still support her are maha cheap #AbhinavShukla.”

In another tweet, he shares, “I am watching you #rakhisawant. What you are trying to do with my bro #abhinavshukla #biggboss14 #bb14…you will do down coz of your karma.”

Not just him but also Srishty Rode (former Bigg Boss contestant ) couldn’t stop herself and Sse came out to support Abhinav as she tweeted, “#AbhinavSukla Stay Strong! It’s so sad to see the new promo! You are not wrong! More power to you!”

Television actress Ekta Kaul also slammed Salman and the makers of the show for saying that Abhinav is benefiting from Rakhi. Ekta praised Abhinav and called him a ‘star’ and ‘a born rockstar’. Ekta also said that Abhinav is above TRP games and stupid content.

Well, it seems like Rakhi has pushed her flirting beyond the boundaries of healthy entertainment and this is not going down well with the viewers.